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Whether it's to bringing your new children's book to life, creating a dreamy aesthetic for your product or embody your unique vision on paper, MiLi will create illustrations that will delight young and old alike.


  • Illustration

    • Watercolor and/or digital

    • Specialization in children's and fantasy style

  • Commissionned comic portraits

  • Design of labels and derivative products

  • Bespoke original works

  • Documentary drawing (what is it?)

Ancre 1

Documentary drawing

MiLi has a unique background in teaching and artistic animation which led her to work to with vulnerable and marginalized people (refugees in Greece, seniors, homeless people, people with mental health problems in particular).


These experiences have forged her to develop a strategy of listening, collaboration and discussion through her drawings in order to document with accuracy, ethics and empathy the various realities of the world.

One of her projects documenting the life and dismantling of the Notre-Dame encampment in 2020, moreover had a viral reach when it was published and was praised and shared by many organizations working with its people.

See full project here

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