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BIO Millie Caron is an illustrator, muralist and art educator living in Montreal, Canada. She has produced murals over ten countries and has appeared in many major events and festivals. Her art journey began during her many travels to the four corners of the planet where the textures, colours and magic of each moment nourished her creative universe. Her professional career is also marked by her art studies at UQAM and a engaged process into art democratization, social justice as well as awareness into issues related to mental health through social and community art.


APPROACH MiLi developped an in situ approach that brings forward to a mutual conversation between her inner imaginary worlds and outer world of reality. She questions identity in relation with its environment as well as the power of care, play and  imagination as a motor for social change. Her sensitive, colorful and dreamlike aesthetic brings a naive yet mature look at the human experience.





Diffusion FAR

Acceuil Bonneau

City of Montréal

City of Châlons-en-Champagne (France)

Centre d'apprentissage parallèlle

Samos Volunteer

Guillaume Vermette

Closet d'Alibabette

L'Auberge festive Sea Shack

Mad Monkey Hostel

Project Armonia

Nayma Création

Espace Humain Recharge


Festival d'Art de Ruelle 2019 et 2023

Genesis Eden Creative 2018, 2019 et 2023

Salon du Bateau 2023

Meeting of Style Copenhagen 2022

Marché des Curiosités 2023

Shazam Fest 2023

Canette d'Épinette 2021et 2022

Future Forest 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023

Canette de Ruelle 2021

Danse de la Tortue 2018 et 2019

Groove and Bass 2021

Exposition Fait moi l'art 2021

Art Jam - Good Vibes People 2019 et 2022

Art Battle - Productions Rekreativ 2019

Pandémonium 2019

Journée Internationale des Réfugiés 2019

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