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Whether it is to inaugurate a giant portal in your business or alley, create a magical door to your children's imagination or liven up an unforgettable event, MiLi offers a mural service as big as your dreams.

  • Large scale outdoor mural

    • Latex, aerosol​ and stencil

    • Anti-graffiti finish (optional)

  • Interior mural​

  • Participatory or community mural

  • Live painting (large format)


Ancre 1



Are you eager and enthusiastic about starting a mural project? Fill up my contact form including the information below to facilitate the submission process.

  • Location/clientele (alley, home, business, event, etc.)

  • Dimensions on wall​

  • ​Type of surface (wood, concrete, brick, etc.)
  • Theme (if applicable)

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