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Urban and artistic exploration on a virtual scale

Assessment SAE designed to be completed entirely online.

Level Secondary 3 to 5    Lesson duration 3 to 5 periods

Summary: Virtual street art exploration activity through the Google Street View site. Selection and appreciation of works in the virtual tour.

Targeted disciplinary competence

Skill 3; Appreciate works of art, cultural objects of artistic heritage, media images, his achievements and those of his comrades)

Techniques and processes Browser, screenshot, Google Maps, Google Street View, document saving, using Word.

Inspiration and mediagraphy

  • Jon Rafman (9eye Project)

  • Miss Me

  • Garbage Beauty

  • Feminist Collages

  • Kevin Ledo

  • Monk

  • Waxhead.

Interests for students 

  • Work like a treasure hunt

  • Discover works through the streets of cities around the world.

  • Young people's interest in street art

  • Team working


  • Sheets of the places of exploration

  • Power point

  • Self evaluation

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