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Creation and teaching of visual and media arts

Project created as part of the course Creating and teaching visual and media arts (AVM 4001,

In the manner of the artist Candy Chang, I wish to offer a participative installation allowing to expose, reflect or even archive and compile people's reflections around risk taking and the comfort zone. I am particularly inspired by his worksA Monument for the Anxious and the Hopeful (2018),confessions(2012) andI Wish This Was(2010). 

This participatory project allowed me to collect and display both people's data immediately and observe the reactions of people in place.

Credits photos: Millie Caron


Project created as part of the course Accompaniment through the arts and artistic education in the community (FAM3001)

At the heart of the CHSDL Le Cardinal, I had the chance to offer 10 workshops during the fall of 2019 with a view to providing support through the arts to a dozen residents. The medium recommended for this course was that of collage through which we produced 3 different projects in addition to a final exhibition within the establishment.


The project was also an opportunity to create intergenerational links with young adolescents with intellectual disabilities who come to help the residents in their project.

Credits photos: Millie Caron


This image gallery brings together various projects initiated outside the university context.


It includes in particular:

  • Participatory murals during festivals (Danse de la Tortue 2019, FAR2019)

  • A mural created as part of my work with Pro-Vert Sud-Ouest (2018)

  • Workshops and murals designed during my project in Greece with refugees (2019)

  • An overview of my work with MU as a cultural mediator and assistant-muralist (2018)

Photo credits: Millie Caron, Owen Wilstein and Olivier Bousquet 

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