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Level:Secondaire 1           _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_         _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_          TIME: 5 to 8 periods

ABSTRACT: :Inspired by the work of Raphaëlle de Groot on the accumulation of objects, I would like to begin a reflection on the idea of accumulation and trails through a bas-relief collage project. Through a brainstorming of ideas, observational drawing, I will invite students to identify the objects that accumulate around them. We will then proceed to practice observational drawing techniques, gouache painting as well as paper shaping. Finally, the final assembly will include a pencil self-portrait test on which will be affixed their material and plastic disorder.

Question: What are the traineries that clutter my daily life? What impact do material drags, objects and consumption have on my person or my living environment?



  1. Research and brainstorm everyday objects and trinkets

  2. Object Observation Drawing

  3. Experimenting with values with gouache in bread

  4. Gouache painting of objects and a gradient sheet for shaping

  5. Cutting shapes with scissors or exacto

  6. Experimentation with papermaking techniques

  7. Realization of shaped paper element

  8. Graphite drawing of a self-portrait

  9. Assembly of shapes with glue stick on the self-portrait

INSPIRATIONS and cultural landmarks:

  • Raphaelle de Groot

    • 1273 little things that no longer serve(2010)​

    • head carriage(2010)

    • MMFA video on theObject weight

  • Bordallo II

  • music videoBullets by TUNNG

  • Artist Michael A Robinson with his worksVarious Studio Essentials, The origins of ideas, Black Period



  • Powerpoint lesson 1

  • SAE Exhaustive

    • Included:

      • Evaluation criteria

      • Appreciation plan

      • Inspirations in appendices

      • Co-evaluation grid

      • Verification sheet

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